White Gold vs Platinum And Yellow Gold

The price of gold is 58,51 usd per gram. That’s the price for yellow gold. A similar product is white gold, with a price per gram of 55,67 usd. White gold is also used to make jewelry. The only difference is the price.

White gold is a precious metal that has been used frequently in jewelry and other items. But this material is no longer used for white gold production due to the fact that some people have allergic reactions to it. Now the main materials used for white gold production are silver and platinum.

What is White Gold?

Yellow gold is a mixture of several white metals mixed with gold. The gold content in this gold and the other kind of gold are different. Usually, yellow gold and white gold sold in the market have the following gold content:
Yellow gold, For the manufacture of yellow gold usually uses a mixture of 75% gold, 25% copper and zinc.
White gold, For the manufacture of white gold usually use a mixture of 75% gold, 25% platinum and silver.

Usually to make the surface of white gold look more beautiful and shiny, it is necessary to use rhodium which is a metal material that will coat the surface of white gold. Rhodium has properties similar to platinum including its color, so many people misunderstand.

White gold that is not given a rhodium coating will make the gold surface look duller. White gold that has been given a rhodium coating will look more shiny and brilliant than platinum. However, the rhodium coating will disappear within 12-18 months so it needs to be re-polished with rhodium. Jewelry such as gold rings, gold necklaces, or gold bracelets can easily be re-coated with rhodium to restore their shine.

Platinum itself is a white metal that does not require other alloys when used to make jewelry. Jewelry made of platinum will feel heavier than 18 carat gold because it is heavier and denser.

Platinum is a precious metal that has a shiny and brilliant look but costs much more than gold. Platinum does not have to be plated with rhodium again, unlike white gold, so it is often referred to as white gold. But in fact platinum is different from white gold.

Platinum vs White Gold

White gold is a combination of gold metal and one or more white metals such as silver and palladium. The proportion of gold in white gold can be 75% or 14 carats or others. For example, the manufacture of white gold uses 75% gold mixed with 25% silver and palladium.

Gold is typically yellow in color, but it can also be white or a combination of both colors. White gold is made by mixing the gold with other metals. For example, 75% gold mixed with 25% copper and zinc will give you yellow gold.

Many people believe that Rhodium is platinum because it is white. In fact, they are very similar in color; the main difference is that Rhodium is cheaper and more abundant than Platinum.

White gold is a precious metal. Many people think white gold is shinier than platinum, but that’s not always true. White gold must have a coating of rhodium to shine like platinum. However, the rhodium wears off over time, so you need to polish it every year or so.

Platinum is a white metal that is used to make jewelry. It’s heavier and denser than gold, and it doesn’t need other mixtures. Gold is soft, but platinum is shiny by itself. If you wear a platinum ring, for example, it will feel heavier than an 18-carat gold one.

Thus, the price of platinum is much higher. A piece of platinum jewelry can cost twice as much as the same piece made with 18-karat white gold. Due to the high price of platinum, among investors it is nicknamed “white gold”–but in reality, the meaning of “white gold” here is completely different from the white gold mentioned earlier.

White Gold vs Yellow Gold

White and yellow gold are both attractive and beautiful. However, they are two completely different materials. When you invest in yellow gold jewelry, you are actually investing in an alloy. With white gold, the metal was often nickel-plated and then converted to silver or platinum.

In fact, white gold is a mixture of yellow gold and other metals. The mixing varies according to the mixture, and it can be palladium or silver. This is because different mixtures produce different types of white gold. So you need to know the composition first in order to know your profit and loss from the start.

The standard mixture for white gold is 75% gold. The smallest mixtures contain platinum and silver. The remaining 25% is usually made up of zinc and copper. If you invest in yellow gold, the mixture is almost always 25% zinc and copper.

The material of the coating in a new condition is different from the platinum. It’s made of rhodium, which is like platinum. It’s hard to tell them apart because rhodium and platinum both look shiny and beautiful.

But usually, if there is no rhodium in platinum, the color becomes dull. Meanwhile, if there is a polish on the material, it would look shiny than wearing platinum. It’s just that this layer doesn’t last long and needs special care every year.

Currently, gold is the most popular precious metal to invest in. However, gold also requires maintenance costs. When calculating with the purchase of yellow gold, it seems safer and cheaper to maintain. Meanwhile, platinum is the most expensive precious metal because of its nature.

Selling Price of White vs Yellow Gold

The price of gold is uncertain. The price is almost the same as the price of silver. However, both are made from the same material. The difference is just in the process of mixing the ingredients. Also, the color may also be different. Moreover, the texture is very soft, so it has some levels that are 24-karat gold.

The vast majority of jewelry is a combination of precious metals. White gold contains a high percentage of palladium and nickel, and yellow gold has a higher percentage of silver or copper. The difference between the two is evident in the layers.

In the previous section, we discussed how to make jewelry. Gold is a great material for jewelry because of its malleability and resistance to corrosion. However, there is a tradeoff: it’s expensive! Rhodium is a platinum group metal that can be used in place of gold. It has many of the same properties and characteristics as gold, but it’s more affordable. You would only need about 10% of the rhodium used in place of gold to get the same look.

One reason why white gold jewelry is usually more expensive than yellow gold jewelry is because it is made of a difficult-to-use metal alloy that is rarely used in gold investments. This white gold is usually more expensive because it has a lot of extra light, which comes from rhodium.

The price of silver is higher than that of gold. So if you are curious about the future prospects of the two metals, you should first pay attention to the duration and the price difference. You will then feel safe.

Current White Gold Investment Opportunities

Jewelry is a popular choice for many as it is a good investment, but this is not always true. The actual manufacturing process can be expensive and there can be mark-ups in the price of jewelry.

Let’s say you buy gold jewelry to save money. Then you sell it in 10 years. It seems like it’s worth more, but it’s actually the same as when you bought it. So jewelry only works as a protector of wealth.

Jewelry is not a good choice for short-term investment. As the explanation above shows, you should be patient when selling it. The price usually drops drastically when you look at it from the perspective of purchasing it.

If you decide to buy rhodium-plated gold jewelry, be prepared to constantly maintain its shine. If you can’t do that, don’t be surprised if the price drops. White gold is a great choice for inheritance and not so much as an investment.

Gold bars are a more reliable investment than jewelry. The value of gold is always increasing with time. But if you want to wear it, then you should choose jewelry. And the same goes with all investments. If you want to invest in gold, you should go with gold bars, not jewelry.

Myths About White Gold

It’s a common misconception that white gold is not as valuable as yellow gold, but this isn’t true. White gold is actually a noble metal and it has several characteristics that are similar to those of yellow gold. Do you know the myths about white gold? Here are some of them:

1. White Gold = Platinum/Platinum

You might think that platinum and platinum/white gold are the same thing, but they aren’t. Platinum is a pure, white metal, while platinum/white gold is an alloy made of other metals.

White gold is yellow gold mixed with several white metals, such as silver, nickel and palladium to produce a shiny white metal. However, to give it a long lasting white color and luster, it is plated with rhodium.

2. White Gold Can Fade

White gold is a great option for jewelry, but it does have some minor flaws. The rhodium plating on white gold makes it more durable and shiny than yellow gold, but it can fade in time. This decrease in luster won’t make your white gold jewelry look dull, but it does lose its shine and reduces the durability of the metal.

White gold may fade in color as it ages, but it will not turn yellow. Instead, it will take on a slightly paler color. If you wish to keep your white gold jewelry from turning pale, you can coat it with rhodium every few years to maintain its shiny white appearance.

3. Unqualified White Gold

This opinion is just a myth and not true at all. Just like yellow gold and rose gold, white gold has qualities that can be compared to other precious metals. White gold used to make jewelry usually has a grade of 750 or 18 carat which is the highest grade for white gold.

White gold is an outdated notion. It is not true at all. Just like yellow and rose gold, white gold has certain qualities that can be compared to other precious metals. The highest grade of white gold used to make jewelry is 750 or 18 carat, which is the same as the highest grades of yellow and rose gold.

White gold jewelry with real diamonds is getting more and more popular. These rings, necklaces, and earrings make a stunning statement of love. White gold is an excellent choice because it has the luster of yellow gold without the high price tag.

How to know if a white gold ring is real or not

Gold wedding rings are like a golden thread that ties two souls together. There is a similar feeling with couple rings. Whether for the purpose of collecting, a public symbol of courtship, or to be used for weddings, some people simply love gold. White gold rings are more modern and elegant than other options.

A symbol of love, the wedding ring is important. Of course we want it to be made of real gold, and priced well.

If you see a couple ring that looks like gold, but it’s too good to be true, it’s likely a fake. In fact, the percentage of gold in most replica rings is so low that they are often called “gold-plated.” But even real gold rings can be replicated and faked. Here are some ways to make sure your ring is real gold.

1. Check ring certificate

When you buy a white gold couple ring, you should buy it with an official certificate. Gold rings are pricey, and naturally, you want proof that it is authentic.

If you want to know whether the white gold couple ring received is real or not, you can check the certification of it. The information provided there must be complete and valid to be able to declare it genuine.

2.Test your gold couple ring at a jewelry store

How do you know if your gold ring is real or not? This is where a jewelry store can help. They have special tools to test the authenticity of gold rings. These tools are usually used to test an item’s legitimacy.

3. Test by rubbing gold

You might be wary of testing the authenticity of a gold ring by rubbing it against a magnet. It’s expensive, and you don’t want to damage it. However, if you want to know for sure if the ring is real gold, this is the best way to do it. Remember that this is important for your safety.

Rubbing a piece of white gold will reveal its true quality. If it leaves black marks, it means that the piece is not made of real gold.

4. Check by biting the gold couple ring cincin

Just as you can test the authenticity of gold by scratching it, you can also test the authenticity of gold jewelry by biting it. However, this method is discouraged because it can damage your teeth.

In the past, many people tried to fool others with fake gold rings by biting them. However, this method is still done today because it is quite effective. If a ring is fake, it will leave bite marks on your finger after you bite it.

5. Using magnets

If you don’t want to go the extreme way, using a magnet to test your white gold ring might be the way to go. Choose a magnet with great strength. Put down your ring and point the magnet at it. If the ring is attracted by a magnet, then the ring is a fake. But if the magnet is not able to attract it, then the ring is genuine.

After you know 5 simple ways to test the authenticity of your white gold, don’t be fooled! Moreover, the white gold that you buy is a symbol of your special relationship bond.

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