25+ Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Ideas

In the mid-20th century, there was a style that spanned decades. It was a dominant force in interior design and architecture, spanning everything from shapes, textures, and colors to lifestyle. The same can be said for mid-century modern bathroom inspired by this style. Some are vastly different from one another, but they all stem from the same period in time.

While some of these features can be found in the rooms from the ’50s and ’60s, there were also some major differences. The bathrooms in the 50s were made mostly with wood vanities and bright paint colors or colorful tile. In contrast, the ’60s had a more bohemian feel with earthy tones and textures.

The term mid-century modern bathroom is easily mistaken as only referring to furniture. In reality, the design is being used in other spaces such as the bathroom. While most kitchen window and living rooms may already be equipped with lucite chairs, terrazzo tile, wooden buffets, and hairpin legged tables, it’s time for bathrooms to get the mid-century modern treatment.

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom

We love mid-century modern for its simplicity and functionality. These are the best 29 bathroom ideas to copy for your mid-century modern bathroom home.

1. Amp Up the Drama

Amp Up the Drama

Modern bathrooms can be as dramatic and sleek as they are natural and subtle. One of the best ways to incorporate the design aesthetic of this style is through a tile in the shower, like in this gorgeous black and white bathroom.

If you want the look of this sink, cover one wall with a shiny material. If you don’t have a shiny wall, use a reflective surface on the walls or floor around the sink. You will be happy with what you get.

2. Make a Minimalist Mark

Make a Minimalist Mark

You may have seen bathrooms that are colorful and bright. But you might be surprised to hear that muted colors are equally as popular. If you prefer these kinds of bathrooms, stick with neutral tones like beige, brown, gray, black, and metallic. A clean and simple bathroom is also reminiscent of the minimalist Scandinavian style.

3. Lace in Just a Hint

Lace in Just a Hint

If you love the look of mid-century modern but want to keep your bathroom as is, you can add a few touches of midcentury style. A wooden bar across the vanity, a rounded and angled mirror, and thick black accents give the room a bit of midcentury style without completely transforming it.

4. Experiment With Fresh Colors

Experiment With Fresh Colors

This bathroom tile is one of a kind. It’s elegant, but has a fun and modern vibe. This is the perfect example of mid-century modern bathroom design. It combines contrasting elements such as the boxy vanity and rectangular tiles with rounded mirrors and sinks.

If you needed any help in creating a space that is fashionable today, but also reminds people of the past, then you need to look at this.

5. Work Color Into Your Flooring

Work Color Into Your Flooring

If you love the shades of mid-century modern, but don’t want to paint your entire bathroom in them, use your flooring. A powder room that uses pink tile makes a great case for it. If you can’t renovate your floors, you can get a similar effect with stick-on backsplashes or an accent wall of tiles.

6. Keep It Fresh and Updated

Keep It Fresh and Updated

A black sink and a shiny vanity with black accents create a bathroom that’s both modern and classic. Although it’s inspired by mid-century design, this bathroom feels stylish and current thanks to the use of subway tiles and traditional hardware.

7. Cover Your Walls With Pops of Color

Cover Your Walls With Pops of Color

The tile in your powder room may have a retro vibe, but the green walls and mirrored accents make this space feel fresh. The rounded lights and mirror create a mid-century modern ambience. Don’t be shy about adding jewel tones to your bathroom: they can be found in any style of decor.

8. Embrace Wood Paneling

Embrace Wood Paneling

Wood paneling in a bathroom can be a tricky thing to pull off, but if you do it right it can be a beautiful addition. In the past, wood paneling was a design faux pas. But now, it’s coming back. It’s an instant time machine to mid-century modern bathroom style. You can use wood paneling to frame your shower or line the walls. Whatever you do, make sure that the wood paneling is high quality and installed correctly.

9. Get Groovy With Patterns

Get Groovy With Patterns

While it may not look like a typical bathroom, this mid-century modern inspired space is actually very functional. The dark wood vanity and wild patterns make it a perfect fit with the ’60s and ’70s aesthetic. Consider the groovy patterns and prints of the ’60s and ’70s, and you’ll soon be considering popping in some cool wallpaper of your own.

10. Focus on Lighting

Focus on Lighting

The lights in this design are sleek and play beautifully off of accessories. If you want to update your bathroom, consider spending money on the lighting. These lights are oblong and wall-mounted. They play well with the mirror, faucets, and hardware.

11. Glue Together Art Deco and Mid-Century

Glue Together Art Deco and Mid-Century

This bathroom has a very interesting blue color. It’s a bold shade, but it’s also a hue that could be found in both the golden era and mid-century modern style. The metallic finish could also be found during both time periods. If you don’t mind using only one color (or at least a very similar one), this is a great bathroom to copy.

12. Don’t Be Shy to Experiment With Color

Don't Be Shy to Experiment With Color

In the decades that mid century modern bathroom was popular, people used bolder colors than they do now. This fun bubblegum pink is a great example. Coat your bathroom walls in it to stay true to your style and bring in some fun color.

13. Mid-Century Modern Farmhouse

Mid-Century Modern Farmhouse

Need inspiration for a new style? Look no further. This looks like mid-century modern but it’s actually farmhouse. The wood floors and wall sconces are all from 50 years ago, but it looks very much like a home from today.

14. Give an Ode to Sputnik

Give an Ode to Sputnik

The Sputnik pendant light is a must-have mid-century modern piece. Named after the Russian satellite, its prongs are an unexpected way to add pizzazz to any space. Lighting is often an afterthought when it comes to designing a room, but this fixture in particular is a fantastic idea for a bathroom.

15. Create a Warm and Cool-Toned Space

Create a Warm and Cool-Toned Space

The traditional rule is to avoid using warm and cool tones together, but there are exceptions to every rule. In this case, the gray wall works perfectly with the wood floor. This space feels finished and pulled together thanks to the fixtures.

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16. Meld Bohemian and Mid-Century Modern

Meld Bohemian and Mid-Century Modern

Boho and modern seem like two different styles, but they aren’t. You can have one and still have the other. The hippie movement and mid-century design share similar patterns and colors. If you incorporate a few of those elements into your space, you’ll have a truly beautiful combination of both.

17. Mix Several Features Together

Mix Several Features Together

The mirrored wall, rounded tube, and wooden flooring in this cozy escape remind you of the ’70s. The style that it represents is mid-century modern, which was last seen in the mid-’70s. Use this room for self-care nights and as a design guide when you want to create a room inspired by the style.

18. Zhuzh Up Your Powder Room

Zhuzh Up Your Powder Room

The shape of this mirror, with its round corners and minimal design, is the perfect combination of mid-century modern and Scandinavian design. You will often find these two styles together, as they are similar in many ways. For a more MCM look, add some saturated hues or choose a different pattern.

19. Think Back to Drive-Ins and Poodle Skirts

Think Back to Drive-Ins and Poodle Skirts

If you love the colors and finishes that made up this part of mid-century modern design, you’ll be excited about this bathroom. It has bubblegum pink walls, multicolored tiles, and bulbous lights. These are all total must-dos.

20. Implement a Major Tile Statement

Implement a Major Tile Statement

This bathroom is a mixture of Scandi-influenced design and mid-century. The natural wood and tile are hallmarks of both, but the layout is similar to what you’d find in a typical mid century bathroom modern. With this bathroom, you can easily change the look depending on your mood or what’s inspired you lately.

21. Allow Tile to Steal the Show

Allow Tile to Steal the Show

I love mid-century homes. They make a great example of contrast. In this bathroom, the homeowner paired the angular corners of the sink and mirror with the soft, round light bulbs. I also like the tile, which pays homage to the cool patterns that adorned homes back then.

22. Shake It Up With Bright and Bold

Shake It Up With Bright and Bold

When you’re talking about mid-century modern style, you can’t forget the hot hues that defined it. Bold colors are the foundation, and patterns are the bricks. You can incorporate this beautiful look in a bathroom by painting the walls, choosing a shower curtain with geometric patterns, or simply adding a modular vase.

23. Blend Classic With Trendy

Blend Classic With Trendy

The tile in this bathroom is an example of how cool mid-century modern can be. It’s updated with a California feel, making it chic and comfortable. This bathroom embodies the versatility of the mid-century modern style, and it also shows how this design trend can evolve over time.

24. Experiment With Shapes and Sizes

Experiment With Shapes and Sizes

Circular shapes can be seen all over the space in this picture. The most obvious one is the mirror, but look at the handles on the cabinets too. This is a great way to add some mid-century modern style to your bathroom. Combined with the neutral colors, you’ll have a timeless design that will last you for years to come.

25. Source Wooden Focal Points

Source Wooden Focal Points

Most furniture is made of wood, but if you prefer lighter shades of the material, mix things up. Here, this piece of drawers matches the shelves behind it and maintains the clean lines and simple details that mid-century modern furniture is known for.

26. Try Pairing Coastal Touches

Try Pairing Coastal Touches

This bathroom is a great example of how to blend different design styles. It’s a fun, splashy mid-century modern room with nautical accents. The wood paneling and wall-mounted faucets are very beachy, but they blend perfectly with the rest of the room.

27. Consider Pink

Consider Pink

Although terrazzo may have made its debut in the 20s, it has stuck around for quite some time. Terrazzo flooring was a popular choice in mid-century homes, and it’s still used today in modern homes. This is because of its warm, natural look. Pair it with pink paint in your bathroom to embrace the softer side of this design style.

28. Make a Major Mid-Century Modern Statement

Make a Major Mid-Century Modern Statement

A bathtub surrounded by wood? Yes, please. This is a great way to bring mid century modern bathroom into your home. In addition, you can buy matching wooden furniture with tapered legs to really bring the style together. If you have the space for it, focus on one room or area to really encapsulate the look. You can also use this idea in rooms that already have mid-century modern furniture. Just change out the existing legs for tapered ones.

29. Introduce Mid-Century Modern to Cottage

Introduce Mid-Century Modern to Cottage

A soft, country-style bathroom with black metal and wood is a gorgeous combination. The beadboard, print wallpaper, and black metal create a beautiful contrast. It’s a style you’ll want to spend plenty of time in.

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